Here's what end users are saying about our magazine back issue CD's ...

The SiS CD arrived today and I have been going back and forth over it ever since. It is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have been hesitant to buy this CD, wait no further. This CD set is easy to operate and is transparent to the system operator. It has a simple load file that automatically brings up the browser on my computer.

I would recommend the CD to all. Even if you have most of the magazine issues (in REAL paper form) I would suggest you get this CD set. If nothing else I'm sure the CD set will make those late night article lookups much easier on the old grey cells and the eyes ..........

Steve J.

Impressive CD was the delivery time ... faxed order on the 14th, received it here in New Zealand today, the 21st.


I have to say that the Seaways CD far exceeds my expectations. I wondered how it was going to be done cross platform and using the browser was a great idea.

Bob C.

I just got back from vacation and found my SIS CD set waiting for's just as well that it didn't come sooner or my family might not have gotten me away from the computer! THIS IS GREAT WORK! The picture and print quality is superb...well worth the price...

Joel L.

Unbelievable job! Now I have to rank the CD Set up there with my Preac and Sherline, and reference books, and your List, of course.......

Jerry G.

I received my CD in good condition and have logged 7 hours reading so far. I especially enjoyed the articles by the late Portia Takakjian. I also appreciate the improved approach to printing.

Bob G.

The new CD's arrived Downunder today, great work by Clay and the team. All I need to do now is buy a laptop so I can read them in bed, ;-)

Jim S.

I just received the Original Ships In Scale CD set. In a word -- "TERRIFIC." Easy to use, super resolution, fast loading. I highly recommend that if anyone hasn't ordered the CD's yet, they do so now. You won't be disappointed.

Clay, you and Paul did a great job!

Barry R.

The CDs have landed in the UK -- Splendid, absolutely splendid.

Neil A.

I received the CD set yesterday and have had a ball going thru it. A masterful job and is very much appreciated by all you ordered, I am sure.

Can hardly wait for your next offering.

Joe P.

I received mine yesterday and have to say that they are the best purchase I've made in a long time. Besides the articles the best feature is the ease of navigation built into the CD's

Outstanding!!!!! Another feather in Clay's cap, should also add one to Paul's too!!!

John W.

Clay: It's as good as you said it was, maybe better. A real keeper!

James K.

The CD set came yesterday, and I've spent most of the morning playing with it. A truly remarkable achievement - in terms of both the magazine content and the CD-ROM format. I don't think I've ever encountered another program that was so easy to use. I suspect I'll be up late every night with it for the next week or two.

John T.

I also own all three CDs, and am actually building the first of the ships on the Progressive Scratchbuilding CD.

They have opened whole new worlds of understanding and enjoyment to me.

James Huffman

I received the 2 disk set today. Installation as per the instructions was flawless and painless. Put everything on a hard disk, set up a shortcut and away to searching and reading.

What a great product and just in time for a wet, cold few days. Man, where's my cup of hot coffee and my slippers???...

Jim W.

I would like to add my kudos to Jim W's - The two-CD set installed without difficulty, and the indexing scheme you set up for finding articles is superior. Please accept my (somewhat belated) expressions of satisfaction (a more rare commodity nowadays, it seems).


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