R. & A. JEFFRIES, Delaware Bay oyster schooner:

    half-model at New Jersey HS, 25:46

R. Duncan & Co., Glasgow shipbuilders: 5:76



    mentioned in ledger at Vineland HS, 3:68

R. Thompson & Sons, shipbuilders:

    see JACQUES COUR, 19:99

R. Williamson & Son, British shipbuilders:


R.B. FORBES, clipper ship:

    corresponding ventilators, 38:166
    Forbes rig, 6:110
    wooden capstan, 32:98

R.B. FORBES, steam screw tug:

    historical references, 21:15, 25:141

R.C. REIKMARS, 4-m ship:

    model at Seal Rocks exhibit, L1:99

R.C. STONER, tanker:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:91


    historical references, 15:152


    coppering data, 26:146

R.E. DeRUSSY, snag boat:

    photo, 26:175

R.E. WILSON, ex-MONOCACY, tanker:

    mentioned, 38:91

R.F. HART, schooner:

    Cape Cod wreck, 4:152

R.G. FOLLIS, tanker:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:92
    mentioned, L3:108

R.P. SMITH, ex-EDGE HILL, tanker:

    mentioned, 38:92

R.R. THOMAS, ship:

    historical references, 6:77

Rabinet, English swivel gun:

    description, L1:151


    Forbes rig, 6:110

RACEHORSE, ex-MARQUIS DE VANDREVIL, British bomb vessel:

    historical references, 30:147

RACER, clipper ship:

    side ventilators, 39:225

RACER, schooner:

    in mortar flotilla at New Orleans, 4:148

RACHAEL, South Carolina Navy sloop:

    historical references, 4:124, 125


    in Stebbins photo collection, L3:76

RACHEL EMERY, barkentine:

    built in Waldoboro, ME, 7:174
    in Stebbins photo collection, L3:74, L3:76
    mentioned, L3:139

RACHEL, Colonial vessel:

    historical references, 23:45


    historical references, L3:160

RACINE, ex-CITY OF TORONTO, Great Lakes vessel:

    mentioned, 17:262, 18:124

RADCLIFFE, British Navy vessel, 1817:

    archeological findings, 37:172



RADETSKY, frigate:

    model by Hornsby in NRG registry, 4:40, 5:28

RADIANT, clipper ship:

    in Pierce painting, L1:44
    Perley capstan, 32:96
    query on designer, 37:117

RADIANT, windjammer:

    historical references, 9:134

RADNOR, cargo carrier:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:91

RADUGA, clipper ship:

    pump well, 33:36
    pumps, 33:37-38


    raft ships of 18th-century, 12:41-42

RAIL, US minesweeper:

    historical references, 30:135
    post-WWI sweeping operations, 30:138

RAILLEUSE, French advice brig:

    in Navy list, 28:17

RAINBOW, British frigate:

    color scheme, 37:229
    historical references, 23:59, 61, 62, 64, 24:198, 37:149
    in Holman paintings, 23:60, 63
    mentioned, 23:160, 37:247
    mizzen rig, 37:248

RAINBOW, clipper ship:

    mentioned, 1:43, 49, 5:31, 20:14, 34, 26:62, 27:29, L2:21
    wrecked, L3:23

RAINBOW, iron paddlewheel steamer:

    historical references, 14:98

RAINBOW, racing yacht:

    model at SI mentioned, 12:152
    plans source, 20:101

RAINIER, bark:

    query, L3:55, 69, 81

RAISONABLE, British warship:

    historical references, 37:140, 145-146
    in Serres painting, 37:133
    mentioned, 23:64

RAISONABLE, French ship-of-the-line, 1755:

    in list of 64-gun warships, 28:194


    coppering data, 26:146
    mentioned, 4:115


    coppering data, 26:146

RAJAK, yacht:

    model by Marlin mentioned, 3:14

RAJDA, ex-NOORD-BRABANT, freighter:

    mentioned, 38:92

RAJORE, ship:

    description, history, 5:74
    figurehead photo, 5:71

RALEIGH, British, ex-Continental frigate:

    historical references, 37:148-150

Raleigh, Charles S., mariner, marine artist:

    painting, whaling bark HUNTER, 35:120
    whaling paintings in book, 20:107

RALEIGH, Continental frigate:

    appearance, 37:228-229
    armament, 22:26
    belaying pins, 31:141, 204, 36:95
    driver and mizzen yard mentioned, 37:144
    first flag-raising, 3:74
    flag, 13:51
    historical references, 8:31, 13:39-41, 57, 25:198, 27:61, 36:20-21, 37:247
    mentioned, 4:68, 13:64, 17:35, 27:103, 36:96, 38:193
      -at Franklin Institute, 1:1, L2:32
      -at SI, 13:35, 36:19, 95
      -by Davis, 3:12, 43
      -by LeVan in NRG registry, 4:40, 5:28, 6:28
      -by Rowan, L3:42
    partial description of rig, 36:90
    plans at PM, 15:137
    plans in NRG registry, 5:175
    query on plans, 23:158
    spar dimensions, 32:191, 32:194, 36:91-94, 37:116

RALPH M. EATON, schooner:

    Cape Cod wreck, 4:152

RALPH M. HAYWARD, barkentine:

    built in Waldoboro, ME, 7:174

RALPH ROSS, Maine tugboat:

    historical references, 6:77

RAMAPO, US Navy vessel:

    mentioned, L1:108

RAMBLER, clipper ship:

    historical references, 4:62

RAMBLER, Colonial schooner:

    mentioned, 35:103
    sketch from Bowen, 35:104

RAMBLER, privateer:

    historical references, 4:55
    model by Churchill in NRG registry, 4:72, 5:28, 6:28
    model by Schurer, L2:159
    model by Tanner at Bostonian Society, L1:159

RAMBLER, ship:

    coppering data, 26:146


    model by Matthews mentioned, 6:10

RAMILIES, British ship-of-the-line:

    historical references, 9:22, 27:63


    description, 34:75
    plans, 34:66-67

RAMONA, ex-SHILOH, tanker:

    mentioned, 38:91

RAMONA, sloop:

    mentioned, 5:112

RAMPART, US gunboat:

    historical references, L2:98


    query on plans, 21:96

Randall, Job, Colonial shipbuilder:


RANDOLPH, Continental frigate:

    appearance, 37:228
    armament, 22:26
    historical references, 5:2, 8:31, 25:198, 27:62, 30:206-207, 31:201, 37:138
    model at Franklin Institute, L2:32
    partial description of rig: 36:90
    plans in NRG registry, 5:175
    spar dimensions, 32:191, 32:194, 36:91, 93

Randolph, Norris, author:

    query on LARCHMONT-KNOWLTON collision, 10:73

Randon, marine artist:

    engraving, lateen barque, 25:179
    engraving, Mediterranean polacre, 25:187

RANEE RICKMERS, German bark:

    record passages, 14:64

RANEE, steamer:

    historical references, 15:14

RANGER, British privateer:

    historical references, 4:127

RANGER, British warship:

    historical references, 27:62

RANGER, Continental sloop-of-war:

    copper sheathing, 4:24
    first flag-raising, 3:74
    historical references, 3:73, 99, 9:28, 13:63, 35:75
    mentioned, 13:61, 23:129
    query on plans, 21:197
    query, 11:93, 129

RANGER, racing yacht:

    model at Franklin Institute, L2:33

RANGER, sloop:

    historical references, 3:48

RANGER, US aircraft carrier:

    historical references, 23:30
    plans at Bath Marine Museum, 24:158

Rantoul, Robert S., author:

    The Cruise of the QUERO, 5:160-165

RAPID TRANSIT, brigantine:

    in Stebbins photo collection, L3:74, L3:76

RAPID, brig:

    model by Rogers in NRG registry, 3:145, 5:28, 6:28

RAPID, British brig-of-war:

    historical references, 39:146

RAPID, British schooner-of-war:

    historical references, 25:204
    plans, 25:208


    historical references, 5:83, 15:100
    mentioned, 10:98

Rapson slide steering device:

    description and sketches 36:13
    on CONSTELLATION, 36:13
    on CONSTITUTION, 36:13

Rapson, John, inventor:

    Rapson slide steering device, 36:13

RARITAN SUN, tanker:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:91

RARITAN, Fulton steamboat:

    historical references, 33:90
    query on plans, 39:117

RARITAN, US frigate:

    historical references, 20:139

RAS AL ARDH, tanker:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:92


    historical references, 4:55

Rathburn, John, Continental Navy captain:

    historical references, 3:99

RATHBURNE, US destroyer:

    historical references, 37:55

Ratliff, Colan D., author, model builder:

    Early Running Square Sails Used by the Navy on Schooners and Sloops, 30:187-200
    model: PROVIDENCE
    speaker at 1983 NRG Conference, 29:218
    speaker at 1988 NRG Conference, 33:107

Ratsey, George, author:

    lines and sail plan of schooner yacht AMERICA, 40:84

RATTLER, British frigate:

    model sought by Nelson's Dockyard, 35:217

RATTLER, clipper ship:

    Reed's steering apparatus, 32:202

RATTLESNAKE, British Navy cutter:

    historical references, 29:173
    mentioned, 38:260
    plans, 29:174-175

RATTLESNAKE, ex-THOMAS L. WRAGG, Confederate cruiser:

    mentioned, 25:41

RATTLESNAKE, Revolutionary War privateer:

    comments on forward gunports, 39:116, 180
    comments on plans, 12:134, 155
    historical references, 12:126, 23:169
    McKinnell model presented to USNAM, 19:249
    mentioned, 17:141, 20:114, 22:106, 23:167, 171, 31:144, 39:3, 127
      -at SI, 36:19
      -by Benson, 13:106
      -by Brownell, 12:131, 136, 16:199, 40:71
      -by Knorppe, 19:270
      -by Koehler, 20:113
      -by Kononchik, photos, 12:124, 136
      -by McKinnell, photo, 19:249
      -by McDonald, photos, 26:33, 34
      -by Titus, 13:141
      -construction article, 39:4-21
      -kit, 33:218
      -mentioned, 12:132, 33:195
      -by Campbell, 12:156-157
      -mentioned, 9:90
      -source, 24:14
    query on color of gun ports, 21:148

RATTLESNAKE, South Carolina Navy schooner:

    historical references, 4:123-126

RATTLESNAKE, US brig-of-war:

    historical references, 23:206, 39:12

RAVEN, brigantine:

    plans in NRG registry, 6:16
    Underhill plans listed, 5:173

RAVEN, British brig-of-war:

    armament, 35:205
    mentioned, 35:195, 196, 206
    query on framing, 8:174

RAVEN, British sloop-of-war:

    historical references, 37:141

RAVEN, cutter/tender:

    historical references, 24:67
    plans, 24:63, 24:64

Ray, David:

    query on slavers' log books, 39:117

Rayborne, Carle, author, model builder:

    query on COUR DE LION, 35:222
    query on whaling bark ORCA, 33:214. 34:50
    shop notes:
      -on copper leafing for hull bottoms, 34:228
      -on deacidifying model rigging, 34:228
      -on neutral pH adhesive for rigging, 34:228

Rayl, Harold F., author:

    answers query on RED JACKET, 3:54
    query on TRES AMIGOS, 8:118
    The Crabtree Models, L2:149-150

RAYMOND T. MAULL, schooner:

    Cape Cod wreck, 4:152

RAYMOND, tugboat:

    historical references, 9:131

Rayner, W. Paul, model builder:

    query on rigging British warship SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS, 23:44

Raynes, George, shipbuilder:



    anchors, 33:94

RE d'ITALIA, Italian steam frigate:

    description, 34:113
    plans, 34:108-109
    riding bitts, 35:91, 92, 94

REAL CARLOS, Spanish ship-of-the-line:

    designed by Romero y Landa, 39:113

REALE, French galley:

    carvings mentioned, 37:120
    plans in NRG registry, 6:36

REAPER, 3-m bark:

    in photo list, 5:108

REAPER, brig:

    historical references, 4:54

REAR-ADMIRAL POPOV, ex-KIEV, Russian battleship:

    history, description, photos, drawings, 39:83-97


    model in NRG registry, 6:28


    query, L2:68, 124

REBECCA, 5-m schooner:

    built at Rockland, ME, 7:174

REBECCA, American vessel, ca. 1810:

    mentioned, 19:184

REBECCA, Colonial vessel:

    historical references, 4:53

REBECCA, English merchantman:

    name on stern, 37:225

REBECCA, whaling vessel:

    historical references, 7:7


    historical references, 27:190

Record of American and Foreign Shipping, marine register:

    description, history, 35:95
    see American Shipmasters Association

RECORD, ship:

    in list, Nova Scotia-built, 21:122

Recordings, reviews:

    see Reviews, other, recordings

RECOVERY, armed Salem ship:

    print from SI, 9:31

Red Cross line:

    mentioned, L1:50

RED GAUNTLET, clipper ship:

    Allyn's capstan, 32:99
    mentioned, 2:126

RED JACKET, clipper ship:

    historical references, 4:170, 6:80, 24:69-70, 30:154
    launched in 1853, L1:63
    mentioned, 2:126, 3:50, 57, 5:51, 40:181, L1:65, L3:105
    model at PM, 4:132
    model in NRG registry, 6:28
      -in list, L2:57
      -in NRG registry, 6:16
      -lines in Chapelle collection, 5:30, 20:33
    queries, 3:39, 54, 4:118, 132, 9:163
    query on deck layout, 21:97
    spar dimensions, 4:48
    TREP analysis, 24:71

RED JACKET, ex-DALBECK, 4-m bark:

    historical references, 17:96-97

RED ROVER, bark:

    opium clipper L1:47

Red Star Line:

    mentioned, 9:56, L1:50

Red Swallow Tail Line:

    mentioned, 9:56

RED WITCH, fictional ship:

    query on motion picture, 39:249

REDBRIDGE, experimental schooner:

    armament, 24:126
    Bentham design, 23:115
    costs, 25:210
    historical references, 24:130, 25:201
    mentioned, 25:25, 26:16
    plans, 25:203

REDFIN, US submarine:

    plans, 16:181

REDFISH, US submarine:

    model by Haynes at MM, photo, 40:236

REDSTONE, tanker:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:92

REDWOOD, ex-DAISY, steamer:

    burned, 9:94

Reed, Jesse, inventor:

    biographical notes, 32:201
    lift pump, 33:35
    steering gear, 32:138, 200, 201, 203, 204, 36:17

Reed, Philip, model builder:


REFLECHI, French ship-of-the-line:

    hull lines, 28:190
    in 1777 and 1783 fleet lists, 25:85
    in list of 64-gun warships, 28:194

REGENIA S., scow schooner:

    mentioned, 27:111, 116, 118, 128
    model by Guzzo wins 1991 MM award, 36:157
    plans mentioned, 27:125
    stern angle mentioned, 27:113

REGENT TIGER, British oil tanker:

    mentioned, 31:163

REGINA MAGNA, ex-BREMEN (V), Greek passenger liner:

    historical references, 31:180

REGINA MARIS, ex-REGINA, barkentine:

    historical references, 15:95, 17:280, 18:48
    in cruise trade, 19:60
    mentioned, 18:120, 291, 26:140

REGINA, schooner:

    historical references, 15:95

Register of Iron and Steel Vessels:

    historical references, 35:96

Registers, marine:

    see Marine registers

Registro Italiano Navale, marine register:

    mentioned, 13:138

REGULUS, ship:

    buried under San Francisco fill, 4:106, 4:107

Reid, C.M., Gloucester shipbuilder:

    see pilot schooner AMERICA

Reidy, Francis J.:

    query on model of 74-gun ship, 24:154-155

Reihersteig H/W, Hamburg shipbuilders:



    in photo list, 4:27

REINDEER, clipper ship:

    coppering data, 26:146
    Forbes rig, 6:110
    mentioned, L2:21

REINDEER, privateer brig:

    historical references, 4:55
    query, L1:165

REINDEER, whaling ship:

    Arctic wreck, 7:6
    mentioned, 35:137

REINE MARIE STEWART, 4-m schooner:

    at port of Miami, 19:164, 166

Reisenberg, Capt. Felix, mariner:

    mentioned, L1:109

Reist, John S., model builder:

    query on early 19th-century USN rigging practices, 17:290

Reiter, Edith, author, museum official:

    letters on Marietta, OH, shipbuilding, 1:84, 91

RELIANCE, yacht:

    mentioned, 5:143, L1:75


    historical references, 7:50

RELIEF, San Francisco pilot schooner:

    query, 20:156

RELIEF, US hospital ship:

    historical references, 27:179

RELIEF, US Navy storeship:

    historical references, 34:200
    mentioned, 27:106
    performance data, contemporary comments, 27:153


    mentioned, 21:122

RENDEZVOUS, brigantine yacht:

    historical references, 15:95

Rennie, John, engineer, inventor:

    steam ladder dredge, 23:190-192

RENOMMEE, French cutter:

    plans, 27:80

RENOMMEE, French East Indiaman:

    deck proportions, 30:140

RENOMMEE, French frigate:

    historical references, 27:188
    mentioned, 26:44, 27:192, 194, 40:117

RENOWN, British cruiser:

    on Antigua stamp, 20:212

RENOWN, British warship:

    historical references, 37:148, 149

Rentschler, Al:

    speaker at 1977 NRG Conference, 23:211

Replica vessels:

    query, L2:113, 124

REPORTER, clipper ship:

    Allyn's capstan, 32:99
    description, lines, contemporary comments, 20:192-193
    figurehead described, 20:193
    in plans list, L2:57
    lines in Chapelle collection, 5:30, 20:33

REPOSE, ex-MARINE BEAVER, US hospital ship:

    historical references, 38:141
    mentioned, 38:92

REPRISAL, Continental sloop-of-war:

    appearance, 37:227
    figurehead, 37:227
    historical references, 5:1, 34:8

REPUBLIC, Pacific Mail steamer:

    listed in advertisement, 34:114

REPUBLIC, steamship:

    historical references, 8:126

REPUBLICAN, 18th-century merchant ship:

    color scheme, 5:149
    half-model by Orr, 5:147
    mentioned, 40:57, 58

REQUIN, French Navy xebec:

    book subject, 33:104, 186

Research materials:

    18th-century Spanish sources, 39:108-113
    Annual Register of World Events, 33:46
    archives, Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, 33:46
    bibliographical notes by McDonald, 26:177-185, 27:22-31, 71-80
    books as sources, 31:17-26
    Chapman's Architectura Navalis Mercatoria, 33:195
    comments by Fontenoy on primary and secondary sources, 38:123-124
    comments by Ronnberg on primary and secondary sources, 38:187-188
    contemporary newspaper reports, 31:194-203
    Fincham's A Treatise on Masting Ships & Mast Making, 1829, 33:198
    Government photo sources, 26:101
    Lever's The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor, 33:198
    marine engineering and hardware catalogs, 39:29-31
    McKay's The Practical Shipbuilder, 1839, 33:198
    Murphy and Jeffers' Spars and Rigging from Nautical Routine, 33:198
    Naval historical resources in Washington, 38:118-121
    Steel's Elements of Mastmaking, Sailmaking and Rigging, 33:198

Research techniques:

    copying old catalogs, 39:29-31
    for model ship restoration, 12:99-112
    for ship modelers, 12:132-146
    search for MALABAR, 11:75-82

RESERVE, Liverpool vessel, 1688:

    historical references, 34:159

RESHADIEH, Turkish battleship:

    historical references, 15:81, 82


    buried under San Francisco fill, 4:106

RESOLUTE, US revenue cutter:

    mentioned, 23:104
    query, 23:89

RESOLUTION, British research vessel, 1926:

    on Norfolk Island stamp, 18:172, 173

RESOLUTION, ex-DRAKE, British exploration ship:

    historical references, 5:177, 11:6, 11:66, 25:3
    mentioned, 33:54
    on Cook Islands stamp, 15:80, 83
    on Norfolk Island stamp, 18:171, 172
    query on plans, 26:45

RESOLUTION, Maryland armed schooner:

    mentioned, 21:54

RESTAURATIONEN, Norwegian sloop:

    on US stamp 15:170, 172

RESTLESS, sandbagger:

    mentioned, 34:43

RESTLESS, schooner:

    sunk by CSS TALLAHASSEE, 16:72

Reston, Richard W., model builder:

    model: ELSIE

RESTORATION, privateer:

    historical references, 31:196

Restoration, ship model:

    see Model ship restoration

RESULT, steel auxiliary ketch:

    restoration project, 16:40

RETALIATION, US schooner-of-war:

    historical references, 20:135

RETRIEVER, cable ship:

    on Fiji stamp, 18:116
    plans, on stamp album page, 18:116

REVENGE, Continental schooner-of-war:

    armament, L3:152
    captured by British, 31:198
    historical references, 3:113, 115, 23:130
    mainstay mentioned, 35:100
    mentioned, 5:128

REVENGE, English warship:

    book subject, 38:194-195
    mentioned, 27:71
    model by Manning, 3:163
    model in Parker collection, 5:97
    modeling book listed, 27:73
    plans in NRG registry, 6:36
    plans listed, 27:77
    query on colors, 8:118

Revenue cutters, British:

    model in NRG registry, 6:28
    photo, Model No. 29, Rogers Collection at USNAM, 30:189
    plans, 9:119-120

Revenue cutters, US:

    history, description, 4:119-122
      -at MCNY, L2:95
      -by Baker wins 1991 MM award, 36:156-157, 159-160
      -by Baker wins 1995 MM award, 40:64, 66
      -in NRG registry, 6:28
      -of MORRIS mentioned, L3:142
    plans, 600-ton sidewheeler, 34:101
    query on 31-ton class, 35:108


    coppering data, 26:146

Reviews, book:

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      -Ronnberg, Erik A.R., Jr., pilot schooner HESPER of 40:57-58
      -Sea Gull Plans, 5:109
      -Tri-Coastal Marine, Inc. and Bill Doll, scow schooner ALMA, 1891 39:125-126
      -TriCoastal Marine, Inc. and Harland Gates, steam schooner WAPAMA 39:125-126
      -Mac's Mighty Mats-power drive upgrade for Unimats, 37:119-120
      -Preac Tool Co., Inc., auxiliary tilting table, 36:106-107
      -Preac Tool Co., Inc., micro-precision table saw, 35:55-56
      -Preac Tool Co., Inc., micro-precision thickness sander, 39:62
      -Robinson, Capt. Leighton, American Sea Songs and Shanties, 5:114
      -Mariners' Museum, The Art of the Ship Modeler, 40:242
      -S.S. WISCONSIN: Shipwrecked Vessel, 36:107

REVOLUTION, French bomb vessel:

    historical references, 29:210

REVOLUTIONAIRE, French frigate:

    historical references, 9:90

REX, Italian passenger liner:

    historical references, 31:175

REYGHER, Dutch flute:

    on South Africa stamp, 15:131
    plans, on stamp album page, 15:131

REYNA LUISA, Spanish ship-of-the-line:

    designed by Romero y Landa, 39:113

Reynolds, H.L.C.:

    query on JERSEY, 25:155

Rhines, Thomas C., author, model builder:

    on Viking Ship Museum, 19:250
    query on NONSUCH, 19:94
    query on Yassi Ada ship, 19:94
    reviews book, A History of Seafaring Based on Underwater Archaeology, 20:157

RHINOCEROS, French warship:

    historical references, 26:26-27

Rhode Island Mariner, nautical publication:

    plans for JOHN GILPIN, 4:75

Rhode Island Ship Model Society:

    mentioned, 16:199


    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:91


    historical references, 6:80

Rhodes, Philip, yacht designer:

    see SEAWITCH

RHODES, Revolutionary War privateer:

    model mentioned, 24:45

RHONE, 4-m bark:

    historical references, 18:255

RIACHUELO, Brazilian warship:

    mentioned, 36:131

RIALTO, San Francisco, CA, pilot schooner:

    query, 20:156

RICART de SOLER, Chilean ship:

    historical references, 9:44

Rice Brosthers Corp., Maine shipbuilders:

    USCG cutters CG-170 through CG-179, 8:122, 125

Rice, Fred S., author, model builder:

    A Reminiscence of the Frigate CONSTELLATION, L1:166-167
    answers query on clump blocks, 18:103
    answers query on making steam box, 4:178
    drawings, Spanish 24-pounders, 19:196
    letter on San Francisco scow schooners, 1:10
    on Spanish guns at Fort Lewis, WA, 19:195
      -on "billy boy," L2:109
      -on GOLDEN HIND, 4:177, 5:80
      -on PREUSSEN, L2:109
      -on Rickmers Line, L2:109
    shop notes:
      -on making quarter galleries, 4:22-23
      -on rigging cordage, L1:58
      -on stropping model deadeyes, 13:104


    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:92

Rich, Edwin N., author, model builder:

    answers queries:
      -on bibiliography for ships' guns, 5:112
      -on CHESAPEAKE, L2:107
      -on GENERAL ARMSTRONG, 11:20-21, 11:128-129
      -on SEA LARK and FLYING FISH gun ports, 12:28
      -on SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS' guns, 11:59
      -on old cannon, 3:87, 3:88
      -on English Naval swivel gun, 6:31
    Hot Shot, 17:252-254
    Location of Trunnions on the MAYFLOWER's Guns, 2:8-9
    Massachusetts State Seals, Foundries, Cannon, 5:85-93
      -on British fleet at Lake Champlain, 10:34
      -on cannon "neck rings," L2:148
      -on cannon markings, 7:64
      -on Cyrus Stocker's mortar, L2:139
      -on GRIFFON, L2:160
      -on gun carriages, L1:143
      -on Lake Champlain colonial and Revolutionary War fleets, 9:163
      -on old cannon with Massachuestts coat of arms, 4:173
      -on village cannon, 3:51
    reviews books:
      -Artillery Through the Ages, L3:39
      -Ships and How to Draw Them, L3:55
      -The Sailing Ship, 3:21
      -The Shape of Ships, 3:21
      -The Wonderful Story of the Sea, 3:21
      -Masting and Rigging the Clipper Ship and Ocean Carrier, L2:156
      -Round Shot to Rockets, L2:157
      -Ship Modeling Hints and Tips, L2:157
      -The Navy of Britain, L2:157
      -on gunboats CONSTITUTION and PHILADELPHIA, L2:120
    Rockets and Bombs, with Harold I. Lessem, 1:125-133
    Sailors Graveyard: Cape Cod and Some of Its Shipwrecks, 4:151-154
    shop note, sketch on tracing light box, 5:144
    The Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, L3:20-22
    The MAYFLOWER's Guns, L2:17-19
    The Sizes of Gun Tackles and Breechings, 12:14-17

Rich, S.N., author:

    on CONSTELLATION's figurehead, L2:36


    post-WWI sweeping operations, 30:139

RICHARD D. LORE, South Jersey oystering vessel:

    query, 3:133

RICHARD F.C. HARTLY, 3-m schooner:

    historical references, 12:30

RICHARD HENRY DANA, ex-ARTHUR J. LYNN, Grand Banks schooner:

    at HLSS, 16:70

RICHARD K. FOX, schooner:

    Cape Cod wreck, 4:152


    historical references, 16:67

RICHARD, sloop:

    model by Ashley at PM, L1:117

Richards and Winsor, inventors:

    windlass improvements, 33:192


    sunk by CSS TALLAHASSEE, 16:72

Richards, John L., shipbuilder:


Richardson & Subbs, designers:


Richardson, Dr. Horace K., author, model builder:

    Chronological History of Shipbuilding in the New World, 8:100-113
    letter on models, 3:22
    Medford-Built Ships, 4:49-70
    on development of map making, 4:172
    query on BENJAMIN F. PACKARD, 3:80, 96, 106
    reviews book, Instruction Nauthica, 7:184

Richardson, Duck & Co., British shipbuilders:

    historical references, 7:52
    see INDORE

Richardson, James B., Chesapeake Bay shipbuilder:

    historical references, 15148, 38:211

Richardson, L.W., author:

    answers queries:
      -on ROANOKE, 9:164
      -on SHENANDOAH, 9:164
      -on SUCCESS, 9:163, 164
    The Ships of Perry's Fleet, 8:60-67

Richardson, Nathan, inventor, manufacturer:

    steering gear, 39:26

Richardson, R., ship carver:

    historical references, 4:64

RICHELIEU, French battleship:

    historical references, 15:129

RICHIBUETO, Aberdeen Line vessel:

    listed in company history, 5:17

Richmond Ship Model Society:

    10th anniversary dinner, 10:41
    1955 exhibit, 7:68
    exhibit at MM, 10:80
    marks 20th anniversary, 15:137
    meeting reports, 8:56
    meets with Hampton Roads and Washington groups, 19:178
    mentioned, 7:32
    on roster of societies, 16:75, 22:46
    reports, 7:154, 12:139, 16:48, 247, 17:182, 18:62, 130, 216, 281, 19:89

RICHMOND, British warship:

    historical references, 37:137, 138, 148, 150

Richmond, Charles B., author, model builder:

    query on first West Coast Spanish ships, 20:155, 22:154
    United States Frigate SAVANNAH, 20:138-144

Richmond, Dean T., author, model builder:

    Modeling a THISTLE Class Racing Sloop, 28:55-59

Richmond, Dean, model builder:

    models: yachts AYESHA and UNITE

RICHMOND, Hudson River steamer:

    query, 10:74

RICHMOND, steam ferryboat:

    query, 38:57, 130


    historical references, 15:95

Rickmers Line, shipping company:

    query, L2:109, 124

Riddell, Norman:

    answers query on hulk in Detroit River, L3:119


    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:92

Ridgway, Johnnie T., author, model builder:

    speaker at 1989 NRG Conference, 34:166

RIENZI, schooner:

    historical references, 3:154

Ries, Ken, author, photographer, model builder:

    letter hails Gallery of Ships at USNAM, 39:247
    on evaluating and appraising models, 19:193
    RUTH: A Model of a Danish Herring Boat, 36:42-44

RIEUSE, barque longue:

    in list, 27:98


    coppering data, 26:146


    19th-century American merchant ships, 36:149-154
    bark, sail plan with index, 25:192-193
      -pin positions, early 19th-century-plans, photos of model, 31:136-141
      - pin positions, comments by McCaffery, 31:204
      -French warship, ca. 1835, 10:87-96, 119
      -from MARY ROSE, 30:30
      -general rule, 7:141, 20:51
      -proportions, 15:116-118
      -US Navy table, 7:142, 20:52
    brig rig, drawing, 25:90
    bunt gaskets, sketches, 15:69-70
    bunt whips and bunt jiggers, 15:68-69
    chain cables, 24:195
    clew jiggers and clewropes, 11:90-91, 15:67-68
    clump blocks, plans, 18:284
    clump blocks, query, 17:204, 18:49, 102-105, 215, 283-284
    Colonial schooners, 32:30-36
    comments by Edson on earliest appearances of dolphin striker, 31:68-70
    correspondence on HANCOCK's mizzen mast setup, 37:244-249
      -13:104, 19:256, 26:120
      -from MARY ROSE, 30:30
      -from Bremen cog, photo, 39:236
      -from Marine Dictionary, 1702, 13:76
      -from Van Yk book, 13:72
      -cutter rig, 25:26
      -sloop rig, 25:27
    foot ropes, 11:126
    Forbes rig, 3:80, 95, 6:106-107, 109-110
    German practices, 1705, 18:188-201
    Howes rig, 3:80, 95
    index, drawing of 17th-century northern European warship, 29:141-143
    jack stays, query, 3:23
    lateen barque-description, plans, drawings, 25:175-190
    leechlines on single topsails, 11:90
    list, drawing from Seaman's Grammar, 1691, 13:73-77, 92
    luggers, 9:7-13, 70-81
    note on fishing schooners, L1:97
    on THOMAS W. LAWSON, 5:94-95
    plans, tables-merchant schooner, ca. 1835, 33:198-203
    plates from le Comte's Prakticale Zeevaartunde, 20:170-182, 21:29-35, 91-94, 125-132, 22:41-45, 124-129, 167-172, 23:32-39, 78-84 , 139-144, 196-201, 24:36-42, 85-93, 137-143, 185-191, 25:25-32, 91-97, 126-130
      -on fishing schooner rigging, L2:5
      -on gaff topsail, L3:154
      -on lead of topsail braces, L3:117
      -on ranterpike rig, L3:154
      -on ratlines and swifters: L3:145
      -on rule for belaying pin sizes, L1:72
      -on sheer pole, L3:145
      -on size of belaying pins, L1:30
      -on sliding skysail pole, 7:180
      -on square belaying pins, 12:147
      -on tar, 18:127
      -on turning in deadeyes on cutters, 19:255-256
    ratlines, 11:125
    reprint from Steel on block-making, 13:77-91
    rigging loft work, 2:52-53
    rope-history, manufacture, tables, 7:134-144, 20:45-54
    running lines defined, 4:185
    running square sail, 14:120-129, 15:164-166, 30:187-200
    schooner sail plan with index, 26:206-207
    scow schooners, 12:118-121, 20:62-64
    sheerpoles, query, 3:80
    sizes, 1618-1640, 11:39-41, 20:57-59
    skipjack rig, L1:52
    stays on THOMAS W. LAWSON, 5:82
    Studdingsail boom jiggers and tricing lines, 15:66-67
    table of cordage and block sizes from Davis, 31:22
    tables, sketches-New York Marine Register standard, 1858, 34:220-224
    tackles, sketches, 32:205
    tiller tackle, 15:70
    topsail schooner, ca. 1846, sketch, 24:185
    treatment formulae, L2:154
    US Navy rigging tables, 1826, 14:146-158
    weight table, hemp and manila rope, 37:113

Rijk, J.C., marine artist:

    watercolor drawing of Dutch gaff gunboat, 17:121

Rijkee, & Co., Dutch shipbuilders:

    see EVERSTEN

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam:

    model of DEN ARY, 37:209
    model of gaff gunboat, photo, 16:12

Riley, Wilmer W., model builder:

    query on rigging MAYFLOWER model, 27:44

Ring, Eldridge E., model builder:

    models: British frigate, FAIR AMERICAN, GJ™A

RINGLEADER, clipper ship:

    historical references, 4:59, 62, 14:63

RIO DE JANEIRO, passenger/cargo ship:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:91
    mentioned, 38:97

RIO DE LA PLATA, passenger/cargo ship:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:91
    mentioned, 38:97

RIO DESEADO, Argentine Lines motor vessel:

    mentioned, 25:159

RIO HUDSON, passenger/cargo ship:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:91
    mentioned, 38:97

RIO PARANA, passenger/cargo ship:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:91
    mentioned, 38:97

Ripley, Don W., author, model builder:

    model: BOUNTY

RIPPLE, steam trawler:

    ballasting, 40:214-215
    built by Fore River Ship & Engine Company, 39:203
    dimensions, 39:203
    fish hold calculations, 40:213
    fittings and machinery, 40:162
    in class list, 39:205
    lifeboats, 40:205
    machinery plans, 40:160
    mentioned, 40:34, 159, 161
    photo list, 40:220-221
    photos, 39:205
    plan sources, 40:219
    plans mentioned, 40:96


    photo, preserved portion, 17:278


    model at PM mentioned, 4:22

RITA, Danish royal yacht:

    on Denmark stamp, 15:170, 171


    mentioned, 21:122

RIVAL, clipper ship:

    historical references, 4:62

RIVAL, schooner:

    Cape Cod wreck, 4:152

RIVER MILLS, Ohio & Erie canal boat:

    mentioned, 17:288

River Museum, Marietta, OH:

    comments on collection, L2:162
    history, description, L1:184-185
    mentioned, 1:84

RIVER QUEEN, paddlewheel steamer:

    historical references, 20:119


    historical notes on steam engines 36:36-38
    see Mackinaw boats

RIVERDALE, British windjammer:

    historical references, 17:279, 18:51
    mentioned, 17:184

RIVERING, steamer:

    salvage effort mentioned, 12:117


    billet for Conrad as second mate, 2:48

RIVERSIDE, Maine scow sloop:

    historical references, 2:11

RIVERSIDE, steam schooner:

    historical references, 38:56

RIVERSIDE, steamer:

    wrecked 9:94

ROALD AMUNDSEN, replica Viking ship:

    on US stamp 15:170, 172

ROANOKE, 4-m bark:

    historical references, 5:83, 120, 121, 9:134
    mentioned, 10:98, L3:116
    model at SCI, L1:119
    photo, ready for launching, 26:141
    query, 9:55, 112, 113, 164

ROANOKE, passenger steamer:

    mentioned, 38:56

ROANOKE, schooner:

    historical references, 3:153

ROANOKE, US cruiser:

    mentioned, 5:52, 21:47

ROANOKE, US monitor:

    historical references, 18:4
    in class listing, 18:7
    mentioned, 20:154

ROARING BESSIE, Block Island boat:

    mentioned, 19:3


    coppering data, 26:146

ROBBIE HUNTER, San Francisco, CA, scow schooner:

    historical references, 27:113, 118
    mentioned, 27:116
    model construction article, 27:111-131
    photos, 27:112, 119, 124
    plans in HAMMS collection at SI, 5:117

ROBERT AND ALICE, Colonial vessel, ca. 1738:

    query, 40:113

ROBERT B. SMITH, schooner:

    Cape Cod wreck, 4:152


    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:91
    mentioned, 38:97


    mentioned, 38:92

ROBERT E. LEE, Boston, MA, steamer:

    mentioned, L1:116

ROBERT E. LEE, Confederate blockade runner:

    query, 24:200

ROBERT F. STOCKTON, steam screw tug:

    description, historical references, 25:141

ROBERT FULTON, packet ship:

    crew complement, 6:106


    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:91


    built at Marietta, OH, 1:85, 90
    description, 1:88


    model in NRG registry, 6:28


    history, description, plans, 20:167-169

ROBERT S. BRADLEY, Boston, MA, tugboat:

    historical references, 8:119


    figurehead, photo, 18:86

ROBERT SUDDEN, barkentine:

    record passages, 14:66

ROBERT WILTSIE, Hudson River sloop:

    plans mentioned, 14:135

ROBERT, bark:

    Perley-type capstan, 32:97

ROBERT, brig:

    query, 4:117

ROBERTA, Great Lakes steamboat:

    historical references, 6:78

Roberts, Arthur C., model builder:

    query on KEARSAGE, 37:61

Roberts, David H., author, editor:

    edits passenger log of E. Wynne Morris, 30:23
    on usage of term "strake," 30:145
    translates articles by Boudriot, 37:16

Roberts, Jim, author, model builder:

    answers query on AMERIGO VESPUCCI, 36:226
    answers query on Bristol pilot cutters, 36:226

Roberts, Philip, model builder:

    queries on rigging, 24:44

Roberts, Richard L., model builder:


Roberts, Walker, author, model builder:

    Filing Your Research Data by Computer, 37:92-95
    shop note on taking lines from half-models, 40:249-250
    with Gary A. Emery, "Using Computers for Nautical Research: Two Approaches, 37:90-95

ROBIN HOOD, clipper ship:

    copper sheathing, 4:24
    coppering data, 26:146, 147
    figurehead, 4:65
    historical references, 4:60, 62, 63
    query on designer, 37:118

ROBIN, US minesweeper:

    post-WWI sweeping operations, 30:138

Robinson, Alfred, marine artist:

    painting of ship BROOKLINE mentioned, L2:120

Robinson, Capt. Leighton, author, mariner:

    answers query on REBECCA CROWELL, L2:124
    letter on putting the MELANOPE about, L3:84
    newspaper profile, L3:103-104
    obituary, 8:13
    on speed of clipper ships, L2:3
    photo, 8:12
    shop note on wire shrouds, yard bands, 4:43
    source for chantey, 1:50
    Way Astern, 2:50-51

Robinson, Dr. Douglas H., author, model builder:

    answers query on GOLDEN HIND, 5:80
    answers query on term "frigate," 6:14
    letter on clipper ship plans, 10:70
    letter on model for projected 74-gun Continental warship, 6:92
    query on Barclay & Livingston house flag, 5:17-34
    The Continental Frigate CONFEDERACY, 8:31-46

Robinson, George and Ezra, inventors:

    patent steering system, 32:140, 199

Robinson, Guin:

    score for chantey, 1:50

Robinson, Isaiah, Continental Navy captain:

    first flag-raising, 3:74
    historical references, 3:73

Robinson, Warren, inventor:

    improved side ventilators-description, patent drawings, 39:227-229

Robotti, Frances Diane, author:

    on whaling, 4:3:5
    reviews book, Captain Moses Rich Colman, 3:55-56
    reviews book, Commerce and Conquest in East Africa, 3:36
    Some Colossal Facts About a Colossal Fellow, 4:3
    The U.S. Frigate ESSEX, 8:153-168, 9:13-26, 48-51
    Whalers as Explorers and Discoverers in the Pacific, 7:23-25

ROBT. E. LEE, paddlewheel steamer:

    in Currier & Ives print, 3:147
    mentioned, 4:18
      -by Churchill in NRG registry, 4:72, 5:28, 6:28
      -by Fryant mentioned, 27:214
      -by Law mentioned, L3:42
      -by Shank mentioned, 4:18
      -by Weith mentioned, 13:141
      -kits mentioned, 9:158, 21:173

ROBUSTE, French East Indiaman:

    deck proportions, 30:140

ROBUSTE, French ship-of-the-line:

    dimensions, historical references, 28:64
    in 1777 and 1783 fleet lists, 25:85


    coppering data, 26:146

ROCHAMBEAU, ex-DUNDERBERG, French ironclad ram:

    mentioned, 34:111

ROCHBURGH CASTLE, Blackwall frigate:

    lines in Chapelle's collection, 4:100


    historical references, 4:75
    in photo list, 5:108

ROCHELAISE II, barque longue:

    in list, 27:98

ROCHELAISE, ex-MIGNONNE, barque longue:

    in list, 27:98


    historical references, 8:115

ROCK CITY, ship:

    built by McKay & Warner, 21:121
    listed with figurehead, 18:80


    historical references, 14:20
    in list, New Brunswick-built, 21:122

Rocket vessels:

    see EREBUS
    sketches, 1:127


    mentioned, 4:115


    description, history, 1:125-133
    drawings, 12:55


    historical references, 4:73
    record passages, 14:68

Rodgers, John, US Navy captain:

    historical references, 8:168, 9:22, L1:34, L2:29
    letter on cruise of PRESIDENT, L1:23-27

Rodman gun:

    description, L1:151

RODNEY, Devitt & Moore liner:

    accommodations, 13:16


    historical references, 3:153

ROEBUCK, British frigate:

    description, dimensions, 11:22-23
    historical references, 34:8, 35:75, 37:146, 148, 150, 226-227, L2:82
    mentioned, 33:103, 35:78
    model by Hahn, 33:127, 135
    topic at 1983 NRG Conference, 29:218

ROEBUCK, clipper ship:

    mentioned, 4:115
    query on designer, 37:117

ROEBUCK, English warship, 1636:

    standing rigging sizes, 11:39, 20:57

ROEPAT, EX-DRENTHE, freighter:

    mentioned, 38:92

ROGER B. TANEY, US revenue cutter:

      -by Sample mentioned, 13:107
      -by Strong mentioned, 3:131
      -by Williams in NRG registry, 4:40, 161, 5:28, 6:28
      -kits, 9:158, 16:249, L2:145

ROGER WILLIAMS, Hudson River steamer:

    query, 10:74

Rogers, Asa, North River shipbuilder:


Rogers, Bryant K., model builder:

    biographical notes, 40:76
    with Snow, models of COLUMBIA and SAVANNAH at Addison Gallery, 40:76

Rogers, Capt. L.S.:

    obituary, 18:62

Rogers, E. & H., Medford, MA, shipbuilders:

    historical references, 4:50

Rogers, E.I., artist:

    sheathing diagram for GRAMPUS, 32:158
    sketches, GRAMPUS laboratory and equipment, 32:157

Rogers, Henry Huddleston, collector:

    model collection at USNAM, 31:206-211, 39:247

Rogers, Henry McKay, author:

    reviews book, Sails of the Maritimes, 12:19-20

Rogers, Kendall:

    query on early American bronze artillery, 10:73, 97-98
    query on MAJOR ROGERS, 11:93, 129
    query on RANGER, 11:93, 129

Rogers, L.S., model builder:


Rogers, Luther, North River shipbuilder:

    see PICO

Rogers, Richard S., model builder:

    query on NORSKE LOVE, 22:49

Rogers, Roy, author, artist, model builder:

    comments on SEA WITCH belaying plan, 5:158
      -glass case for small models, 8:172
      -plank-on-frame hull construction, 6:96-99, 20:36-40
      -table saw miter jig, 8:172
    letter urging more reprinted articles, 7:33
      -on 17th-century ships' ladders, 10:97
      -on Ashley's model plans, 10:97
      -on curved deck planking, 3:106, 121, 133
      -on Dawson print, Chasing the Smuggler, 9:56
      -on model hull construction terminology, 8:26
      -on plans for SHENANDOAH, 10:74
    reviews books:
      -America in the Antarctic, 10:137
      -Destroyer Squadron 23, 11:25-26
      -George Washington's Navy, 11:62-63
      -Give Me a Ship to Sail, 10:102-104
      -Most Dangerous Sea, 11:26-27
      -Sailing Around the World, 11:87
      -The CUTTY SARK, 10:105
      -The Discovery of the World, 11:86-87
      -The Ice Was All Between, 10:136-137
      -The National Watercraft Collection, 11:131-132
    shop notes:
      -model maker's thickness planer, 6:4-6
      -model maker's tool box, 7:124-127
      -scale timbering jig, 4:140-141
      -stand for miniature models, 9:2-4
    sketches for model dory construction, 10:2
    The Lithographs of John A. Noble, 3:127-128

Rogers, Roy, NRG official:

    editor of Journal, 10:79
    Editorials, 10:85-86, 121-122, 11:5-6, 37-38, 73-74, 109-110, 12:5-6
    obituary, 18:207

Rogers, William, Maine shipbuilder:

    on 19th-century methods, 3:15-16

Roland Line, shipping company:

    historical references, 31:170


    model at MCNY, L2:95

ROLAND, French ship-of-the-line:

    in 1777 fleet list, 25:85
    lost 1779, 25:84


    in photo list, 4:27

Roll, Heinz E., model builder:

    query on ESPA„OLA, 36:104

ROLLAND, French ship-of-the-line, 1770:

    in list of 64-gun warships, 28:194

ROLLO, British privateer:

    mentioned, 29:94

Rolph Ship Bldg.:


ROLPH, barkentine:

    in photo list, 5:108

Roman merchant ship, ca. ad 50:

    photo, model by Crabtree, 39:198

ROMAN, Warren Line 4-master:

    historical references, 10:50

ROMAN, whaling bark:

    Arctic wreck, 7:6

ROMANCE OF THE SEAS, clipper ship:

    half-hull model at MFA, 9:101
    launched in 1853, L1:63
    lines in Chapelle collection, 5:30, 20:33
    record passages, 14:65

ROMANCE, ex-GRETHE, brigantine:

    historical references, 15:95

ROMANIA, bark:

    historical references, photo, 34:151

ROMANIC, White Star liner:

    mentioned, L1:144

ROMANO, bark:

    at San Francisco in 1849, 3:77

ROMANOFF, Norwegian vessel:

    query, 6:79

ROME SOCONY, motor barge:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:91

ROME, ship, 1836:

    mate wins suit against captain, 24:145

ROME, ship:

    historical references, L3:155

Romero y Landa, Don Jos‚, designer, shipbuilder:


ROMNEY, British warship:

    paint scheme, 37:161

ROMO, ex-ESTRELLA POLAR, 3-m topsail schooner:

    historical references, 18:48

Romoniak, Richard, model builder:

    model: PHENIX

ROMP, Grand Banks schooner:

    contemporary comments, 29:94

ROMULUS, British warship:

    historical references, 37:148, 149

RONA, British training ketch:

    see London Sailing Project

RONA, ex-POLLY WOODSIDE, coal hulk:

    historical references, 15:95

RONALD, ship:

    at San Francisco in 1849, 3:77

RONDO, ex-GELDERLAND, freighter:

    mentioned, 38:92

Ronnberg, Erik A.R., (Sr.), model builder:

    models: clipper FLYING FISH, Baltimore clipper, NEWSBOY, clipper SWORDFISH
    obituary, 33:58

Ronnberg, Erik A.R., Jr., author, photographer, model builder:

    A Model of an English Brig of War, 35:195-206
    A Model of the Ship CAROLINA, 1670, 19:77-80
    answers queries:
      -on Army tugboat ST695, 34:226
      -on Dutch warships, 37:118
      -on ENDURANCE, 37:117
      -on Friendship sloop details, 34:226, 227
      -on Hudson River sloop plans, 15:184
      -on MARY GALLEY, 37:62
      -on plans source for SANTISIMA TRINIDAD, 37:118
      -on SMUGGLER, 34:167
      -on Van de Velde painting of SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS, 34:167
      -on WASP's belaying points, 34:166
      -on whole molding process of boatbuilding, 35:109
    appointed editor of American Neptune, 28:45
    appreciation for service to NRG, 37:243
    Boston Pilot Canoes Revisited, 39:162-167
    Building a Whaleship on the Kennebec-Design and Construction Aspects of Ship HUNTER, 35:125-138
      -on FAIR AMERICAN model at USNAM, 31:30
      -on Clarke's Seaman's Manual, 36:148
      -on GRAMPUS construction report, 32:182-190
      -on McDonald's article "Piracy in the High C's," 29:50-51
      -on rigging of CHALEUR model, 35:101-105
      -on Davis's LEXINGTON reconstruction, 26:155
      -on coins in the mast-step, 16:247
      -on FLYING FISH reconstruction, 27:204-205
      -on Marestier's Baltimore Clipper Plan, Hull No. 6, 29:90, 133-135
      -on old furniture, doors as wood sources, 36:106
      -on place name "Schoone Haven" and origins of "schooner," 26:43
      -on Pook's "Mould Loft Directions," 35:147
      -on position of carlings and ledges, 35:99
      -on primary and secondary research sources, 38:187-188
      -on time for modeling, 35:220-221
      -on whaling brig KATE CORY, 18:54-55
    Copper Sheathing of Whaleships, 20:183-185
    edits: "Letters of Lewis H. Story to John M. Minuse, 1932-1947," 29:3-24
    edits: "USS MAINE (1887-1898) in Contemporary Plans, Descriptions , and Photographs," 36:131-147
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    Fishing Schooner ELSIE, 1910: Research and Plans for Ship Model Construction, 32:77-93, 115-136, 171-181, 33:138-149, 182-190, 34:14-31
    HESPER of Boston, 1884: Recent Research, New Plans, and a Model. 38:235-252, 39:22-32, 68-82
    Landmark Nautical Archeology Reviewed-The Fourteenth-Century Bremen Cog, 39:230-237
    note from New Bedford Whaling Museum, 17:120
    Notes on Four Models, 20:146, 20:147, 20:148
    obituary of Charles F. Sayle, 39:117
    Paint and Colors for American Merchant Vessels, 1800-1920: Their Study and Interpretation for Modelmaking, 36:202-208
      -hawk's next half-model of pinky ESSEX, 29:21
      - model of HARRY L. BELDEN, 32:169, 187, 188
      -models of ELSIE, 32:78, 87
    plans, replacement windlass for GRAMPUS, 32:184
    query on Swedish nautical terms, 35:54, 166
    reviews books:
      -18th-Century Shipbuilding, 38:125-126
      -A History of American Marine Painting, 16:250-251
      -A New History of British Shipping, 37:184
      -A Window Back: Photography in a Whaling Port, 40:185-186
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    reviews kit, SIR EDWARD HAWKE, 35:225
    reviews periodical, The Egregious Steamboat Journal, 37:184
    reviews plans:
      -Continental gondola PHILADELPHIA, 29:159
      -Monterey fishing boat WETTON, 39:125-126
      -scow schooner ALMA, 39:125, 39:126
      -steam schooner WAPAMA, 39:125-126
    reviews products:
      -Mac's Mighty Mats, 37:119, 37:120
      -micro-precision table saw, 35:55-56
      -tilting table for Preac saw, 36:106-107
    reviews videotape, S.S. WISCONSIN: Shipwrecked Vessel, 36:107
    Ship Model Rigging: Some Typical Problems and a Little Personal Philosophy, 21:160-172
    shop note on coppering models, 35:114-115
      speaker at 1974 NRG Conference, 21:51
    speaker at 1980 NRG Conference, 26:158
    Steam Trawlers Come to the Boston Fishing Fleet, 39:199-214, 40:31-45, 89-101, 159-173, 205-221
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    The Coppering of 19th-Century American Merchant Sailing Ships, 26:125-148
    time log for modeling AMY KNIGHT, 35:221-222
    Two Jagts in the Funen Style, 36:191-195

Ronnberg, Erik A.R., Jr., NRG official:

    Editorials, 34:61, 125, 181, 35:3, 63, 119, 35:175, 36:3, 59, 115 , 37:3, 67
    elected Director, 33:114
    named Journal Editor, 34:61
    on Webb's Plans of Wooden Vessels, 34:62-63
    resigns as Editor of Journal, 37:67, 131

ROOK, brig:

    built in Waldoboro, ME, 7:174

ROOKH, bark:

    model by Honey, L2:37

ROOKS, US destroyer:

    mentioned, 10:118

ROOSEVELT, exploration vessel:

    mentioned, 11:64
    plans available, 4:69
    query, 3:133

Roosevelt, Nicholas, steamship pioneer:

    historical reference in Frazer letter, 36:47

Root, Gordon, author:

    answers query on colonial shipyards, 16:117

ROPER, US destroyer:

    historical references, 37:56


    coppering data, 26:146

ROSARINA, steamship:

    mentioned, 4:96

ROSARIO, schooner:

    record passages, 14:68

ROSARIO, Spanish frigate:

    designed, built by Gautier, 39:113

ROSCIUS, packet ship:

    coppering data, 26:146

ROSCOE, whaling bark:

    Arctic wreck, 7:23
    mentioned, 4:16

ROSCOVITE, schooner:

    historical references, 15:93

ROSE DOROTHEA, Grand Banks schooner:

    in Stebbins photo collection, L3:75

ROSE MAHONEY, 5-m schooner:

    at port of Miami, 19:165-166
    historical references, 17:189
    mentioned, 17:188, 241, 244
    photos, 17:190, 191, 19:167

ROSE, British frigate:

    historical references, 1:86, 17:44-46, 25:72, 77, 34:6
    name on stern, 37:225
    plans, 17:45

ROSE, British warship, ca. 1742:

    historical references, 37:165

ROSE, British whaler:

    GEORGIANA prize, 9:20

ROSE, English warship, 1712:

    photo, model at SM, 31:21

ROSE, replica vessel:

    berthed at Newport, RI, 17:280
    historical references, 17:288
    mentioned, 21:144
    offered for sale, 23:211
    photo, 17:280
    status report, 17:46

Rose, Robert M., author, model builder:

    comments on appearance of SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS, 1637, 29:49
    comments on McDonald article, "Piracy in the High 'C's'" 29:49-50
    model: Catalonian nao
    on ship model books, plans, 3:79
    query on Culver model of SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS, L3:40, 56


    historical references, 3:154

Rosenkrans, John D.:

    query on RESOLUTE, 23:89


    built in Waldoboro, ME, 7:174

ROSEWAY, Boston, MA, pilot schooner:

    mentioned, 39:50, 162

ROSEWAY, pilot schooner:

    historical references, 18:260

ROSIE PARKS, Chesapeake Bay skipjack:

    historical references, 15:169
    photo of cabin and companionway, 29:76
    photo, trailboard, 29:73


    built in Waldoboro, ME, 7:174

Ross, Narcisse, shipbuilder:

    see SALMON

Ross, Norman A., author, model builder:

    model: AMERICA
    reviews book, BLUENOSE, 14:32-33

ROSSHIRE, 4-m steel bark:

    mentioned, 8:117
    plans in NRG registry, 6:16


    in list, Nova Scotia-built, 21:122

ROTER LOWE, 16th-century Dutch warship:

    mentioned, 5:156
    plans in NRG registry, 5:175
    plans listed, 27:77


    in photo list, 4:27, L2:38

ROTHLEY, ship:

    in list, Ontario-built, 21:123

ROTTI, ex-HOLLAND, freighter:

    mentioned, 38:92

Rouargue, marine artist:

    lithograph, ARTEMISE preparing for careening, 27:35

ROUGH AND READY, San Francisco, CA, scow schooner:

    plans in HAMMS collection at SI, 5:117

Roukes, James, model builder:

    model: SEA WITCH

Rouleau, Thomas, ship carver:

    historical references, 18:81

ROULETTE, Grand Banks schooner:

    historical references, 32:7

ROUSE SIMMONS, 3-m Great Lakes schooner:

    historical references, 18:123-124
    lost in storm, 18:124

ROUSSEAU, whaling vessel:

    mentioned, 35:132

Roux, Antoine, marine artist:

    mentioned, 4:142, 22:161
      -of GRAND TURK mentioned, L2:119
      -of MADRE MIMBELLI on Yugoslavia stamp, 18:16
      -of PRESIDENT analyzed by Woolf, 13:28
      -of topsail schooner LOUISA, 30:190
      -of PRESIDENT, 1802, 28:84
      -of PRESIDENT, 1803, 28:86
      -of PRESIDENT, 1806, 28:87
      -lateen pinque ANGE GARDIEN, 25:187-188
      -lateen pinque, 25:189

Roux, Fr‚d‚ric, marine artist:

    painting of SALISBURY mentioned, 12:133
    watercolor, ship HAVRE, 34:63

Roux, Fran‡ois, marine artist:

    drawing, trading bombarde, 29:212
    painting of lugger, 26:73
    watercolor of hermaphrodite brig GAZELLE, 28:13
    watercolor, frigate ARTEMISE, 27:32

ROVER, schooner:

    historical references, 3:155

Row galleys, Egyptian:

    photo, description of model by Law, 5:130-131

Row galleys:

    for western rivers, plans, 38:78
    model in NRG registry, 6:28
    plans in NRG registry, 6:36
    plans source, 5:109

Rowan, Capt. S.C., model builder:

    model of RALEIGH at Franklin Institute, L2:32

Rowe, John S., author:

    answers query on RANGER and MAJOR ROGERS, 11:129

Rowell, James F., mariner:

    biographical data, L3:22-23


    coppering data, 26:146

Rowse, Edward, inventor:

    differential barrel steering system, 36:13
    steering gear drawings, 32:141, 36:14


    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:92

ROY BRUCE, schooner:

    query, 8:174

Roy, Edward S., author, model builder:

    letter on model sales, 5:187-188
    models: AMERICA, Dutch sloop, JOHN ADAMS, US revenue cutter

Roy, Stanley, model builder:

    models: AMERICA


    in list, New Brunswick-built, 21:122

ROYAL BOUNTY, Continental merchant vessel:

    historical references, 37:145

ROYAL CHARLES, English warship:

    mentioned, 37:209
    query, 22:209

ROYAL CHARTER, steam packet:

    historical references, 15:8-9
    mentioned, 15:7

ROYAL CONVERT, British gondola:

    armament, L3:152

ROYAL ESCAPE, British smack:

    mentioned, 19:252, 254


    in list, New Brunswick-built, 21:122

ROYAL GEORGE, British warship, 1715:

    model at MFA, 9:101, 105, 37:193, 196, 197, 209-210, 37:61, 202, 40:73, L1:191

ROYAL GEORGE, British warship, 1809:

    model at Fort Henry museum, L3:20
    see NIAGARA

ROYAL GEORGE, Lake Champlain wreck:

    query, L2:147

ROYAL JAMES, English warship:

    mentioned, 37:209
    query, 22:209

ROYAL KATHERINE, British warship:

    mentioned, 19:270

ROYAL LOUIS, French ship-of-the-line, 1720:

    historical references, 27:186

ROYAL LOUIS, French ship-of-the-line, 1740:

    armament, 25:81

ROYAL LOUIS, French ship-of-the-line, 1769:

    armament, 25:81
    mentioned, 27:97

ROYAL LOUIS, French ship-of-the-line, 1780:

    in 1783 fleet list, 25:85

ROYAL LOUIS, French warship:

    armament, 22:64
    footropes, 29:140

Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.:

    acquires GREAT WESTERN, 14:118


    model sought by Nelson's Dockyard, 35:217

Royal Navy Museum, Portsmouth, England:

    acquires Spalding's model of VICTORY, 19:176

ROYAL OAK, British ship-of-the-line:

    mentioned, 25:17
    name on stern of model, 37:225

ROYAL OAK, tanker:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:92

ROYAL SAVAGE, Continental schooner-of-war:

    armament, L3:152
    Grand Union flag, 31:27
    historical references, 3:113-114, 22:26, 23:130
    mainstay mentioned, 35:100
    mentioned, 5:128, 155

Royal Society of Marine Artists, London:

    exhibit mentioned, 19:27

ROYAL SOVEREIGN, British royal yacht:

    photo of model in Kriegstein collection, 27:93

ROYAL SOVEREIGN, British warship:

    Bruckshaw model mentioned, 39:198, 246
    mentioned, 5:66, 23:217
    model by Henning mentioned, 5:113
    model by Smith in NRG registry, 4:40, 5:28, 6:28
    royal sails, 5:83

Royal United Service Museum, London:

    aids to modelers, 4:157


    listed with figurehead, 18:80

ROYAL WILLIAM, auxiliary barkentine:

    on Canada stamp, 15:126, 128

ROYAL WILLIAM, English warship, 1692:

    mentioned, 5:66
    model by McNarry mentioned, 5:50
    query on plans, 5:34
    spritsail rig, 11:57


    mentioned, 4:114


    correction by Mears, 18:124
    on Canada stamp, 17:262, 263

ROYAL, French warship:

    model at Mus‚e de la Marine, 26:155

ROYALIST, British training brig:

    photo, under sail, 19:181
    see Girls Nautical Training Corps
    see Sea Cadet Corps
    under construction, 18:48

Royer, William E., model builder:


RTC NO. 50, ex-EJRR&T CO. 31, oil barge:

    mentioned, 38:91


    coppering data, 26:146

Rubin, Norman N., author, model builder:

    1971 NRG Conference paper, drawings, "The Anchor," 18:230-251
    A Potomac River Dugout, 18:111-113
    answers queries:
      -on biblical ark, 10:34-36
      -on Dutch warships, 37:182
      -on LORD BYRON, 18:214
      -on oars for BOUNTY's launch, 18:214
      -on SANTISIMA TRINIDAD, 37:182
      -on sponge boat plans, 21:197
    Belaying Pins, 17:81
    Canal Boats, 15:71-79
    Canoe Models in the Museum of the Department of the Interior, 18:108-111
    Coaling scuttles, 15:185-186
    comments on Lowe's Erie Canal boat article, 21:196
    comments on McKechnie's article, "Ships, Colonies and Commerce," 21:196
    Ferry, Ferry, Who's Got the Ferry? 20:145
    John Alden's Flying Lifeboat, 15:119-125
      -on developing BONHOMME RICHARD plans, 35:165
      -on Henri Louis Duhamel du Monceau, 38:188
      -on museum ships in Europe, 29:137-138
      -on RATTLESNAKE's forward ports, 39:116
      -on windsails, 37:249
    Life Buoys, 19:169-172
    Perspective in Reverse, or How to Make Plans from Photographs Without Hardly Trying, 16:105-107
    Quebec Figureheads and Ship Carving, 18:75-90
      -on MALABAR and other Quebec timber ships, 9:112
      -on National Line vessels ERIN, ONTARIO, HELVETIA, 12:113
      -on Quebec figureheads, 12:113
    research notes on BON HOMME RICHARD, 30:140
    reviews books:
      -A History of Books, Libraries, and Reading Among Seamen During the Age of Sail, 21:50
      -A Maritime History of Bath, Maine and the Kennebec River Region, 20:211-212
      -A Pictorial History of Oceanographic Submersibles, 18:57
      -An Annapolis Visit, 16:252, 16:253
      -Anatomy of an Expedition, 17:13
      -Basic Ship Theory, 16:103
      -Battleships-U.S. Battleships in World War II, Vol. I, 22:208
      -Bronze Age Ships in the Eastern Mediterranean, 18:56
      -Combat Fleets of the World, 1976/77, 22:208
      -Farewell Old MOUNT WASHINGTON, 16:196
      -Hail COLUMBIA! 18:56
      -HMS VICTORY: Building, Restoration and Repair, 14:80
      -My Love Affair with the Navy, 17:35
      -Nothing Too Daring, 18:56
      -Oceanic Patents, 1959-1968, 16:153
      -Performance Advances in Small Boat Racing, 16:196
      -Portrait of Essex, 16:252-253
      -Sailing Alone Around the World, 18:56
      -Sea and Air: The Naval Environment, 16:21
      -Sea, Sails and Shipwreck, 18:57
      -Ships and Seamen of the American Revolution, 17:41
      -Slave Ships and Slaving, 16:103
      -Some Famous Sailing Ships and Their Builder Donald McKay, 18:56
      -South Street, A Maritime History of New York, 18:56
      -Steamboats Out of Baltimore, 16:103
      -The Clipper Ship Era, 18:55
      -The Connecticut Shore, 16:252-253
      -The CONSTELLATION Question, 18:57
      -The Last Voyage of USS PUEBLO, 17:51
      -The Stateliest Ship: QUEEN MARY, 16:252
      -The WAVERTREE, An Ocean Wanderer, 16:190
      -THERMOPYLAE and the Age of Clippers, 16:106
      -Voyage of the LIBERDADE, 18:56
      -Wake of the Coasters, 18:57
    Rodger's Anchors, 20:194
    Rudders, 17:87-91
    S.S. INCHCLIFFE CASTLE, 17:26-28
    Ships' Bells, 17:180
    Ships on Stamps, 14:22-25
    shop note on rescaling plans, 18:96
    shop notes on taking off lines, 13:102-103, 18:16-18
    sketches, windsails, 16:96-97
    Skipjack Sail Plans, 24:72-73
    Small Boat Guns, 12:51-55
    Some Cannon from the ARK and the DOVE, 18:42-45
    Some French Anchors, 1720-1820, 16:178-180
    speaker at 1973 NRG Conference, 20:97
    Steam whistles, 16:176-178
    The Search for the MALABAR, 11:75-82
    The Windsail, 16:95-97
    Varieties of American Flags, 17:80
    What Did Jason's Argo Look Like? 15:29-32

Rubin, Norman N., NRG official:

    named NRG Secretary, 12:127
    resigns as NRG Secretary, 19:173
    Secretary's News Letter, 14:33-38, 69-74, 136, 15:1, 39, 86, 187-188, 16:46-48, 120-121, 184-187, 247-249, 17:58-59, 185, 187, 214 , 285-286, 18:54-55, 268-270

Ruckert, Peter, author, model builder:

    query on WITCH OF THE WAVE, 21:47

Rudd, Arthur M., author, model builder:

    notes on Marsilly gun carriage, L1:128
    obituary, 37:59
    query on CONSTITUTION's channel pumps, L3:69
    reviews book, Sailing Drifters, 5:139, 5:143
    Some Notes on the ALABAMA, L1:120

Rudd, Arthur M., NRG official:

    elected to board of governors, L1:iii
    founding member, L1:3
    resigns from board, L2:1

Rudder, nautical publication:

    plans of ice yacht AURORA, L1:112


    chatter grooves-description, photos, sketches, 19:81-85
    chatter strip description, purpose, 16:238
    comments by Leavitt on chatter grooves, 19:257-258
    Delano's brace, 32:205
    history, design, sketches, 17:87-91
    in spritsail topmast era, 5:84, 5:159
    on Chinese junks, 7:74
    photo, coppering, whaling bark MORNING STAR, 35:117
    sketch from American Lloyd's register, 35:208


    built at Marietta, OH, 1:85
    New Orleans registry, 1:92


    built at Marietta, OH, 1:85

Ruhge, J.M., author:

    The Goleta Cannon, 32:144-151

RUM RIVER, tanker:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:92

Rundle, J. Sparkhall, marine artist:

    query on Persian Gulf watercolors, 37:61


    plans in NRG registry, 6:16
    Underhill plans listed, 5:173

RUPERT, English warship, 1666:

    query on plans, 5:34

RUSEE, barque longue:

    in list, 27:98

RUSH, US revenue cutter:

    mentioned, 23:50

Rush, William, ship carver:

    explanation of designs for CONSTELLATION, 31:58

Rusk, Henry, marine artist:

    mentioned, 36:94

Russell & Co., Glasgow shipbuilders:

    see DRUMCLIFF, 8:88
    see KILBRANNAN, 18:215

RUSSELL POLLING NO. 21, oil barge:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:91

RUSSELL, bark:

    buried under San Francisco fill, 4:107

RUSSELL, British warship:

    historical references, 37:146
    paint scheme, 37:162

Russell, George, Maine shipbuilder:



    coppering data, 26:146

Russon, Richard M., Jr., author, model builder:

    offers copies of PAMIR registration papers, 19:257
    query on GRACE G. BENNETT, 19:255
    query on LEVIN J. MARVEL, 19:255

RUTH E. MERRILL, 6-m schooner:

    foundered, 5:23-24

RUTH, Danish herring boat:

    model construction article, 36:42-44

RUTH, Grand Banks schooner:

    query, 5:97

RUTH, iron barkentine:

    historical references, 5:104

RUTH, schooner:

    mentioned, 8:119

RUTHERFORD, ferryboat:

    mentioned, 20:145

Rutter, J.W., author:

    The River Museum, L1:184-185

RYE COVE, tanker:

    built by Sun Shipbuilding, 38:92

RYELANDS, 3-m topsail schooner:

    historical references, 15:96
    mentioned, 17:281, 18:93

RYUJO, Japanese aircraft carrier:

    historical references, 24:84, 148

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