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Project:     Seaways' Ships in Scale Magazine - First 10 Years CD
Client:        Seaways Publishing, Inc.
Released:   August 2001

Seaways’ Ships in Scale is the premier ship modeling magazine in the United States. This double-CD set contains all 59 issues published during Seaways' Ships in Scale's first ten years, from Volume I, Number 1 of Jan-Feb, 1990 through Volume X, Number 6 of Nov-Dec, 1999. Over 4,000 pages in all.

The magazines may be viewed using your web browser. The CD set is easy to use, with pages being displayed in your web browser. A choice of navigation options are provided for your convenience: 

  • browse the magazine covers, select an issue, then page through the issue one page at a time as you would thumb through the physical magazine;
  • use the issue's table of contents to look up an article, click on the article's page number;
  • use the electronic searchable index to enter search text, then click on the highlighted search result to go to the article.

The CD's are "platform independent". That is, they'll run on PC's, Mac's and other operating systems. If you already have a web browser, no additional software or data files need be installed on your computer. At your option, you may install the CD contents to your hard drive for convenience. The CD's have been tested and will run properly on Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 or better, Netscape 7 or better, or Opera 5 or better. 

Learn more about how we created the Seaways' Ships in Scale  Magazine - First Ten Years CD-ROM. 

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