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Project:     Nautical Research Journal Vol. 1 - 40 CD
Client:        Nautical Research Guild
Released:   October 2002

This four-CD set contains the first forty years of the Nautical Research Journal in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). The disks include reprints of Volumes 1 through 40 of the Nautical Research Journal and Volumes 1 through 3 of the Secretary's Monthly Letter. Each set of disks contains 8,000 pages of ship design information, maritime history, shop notes and the like. The Journals and Letters are complete - every page, article, photograph, illustration, plan, table, letter to the editor and, yes, every advertisement is included. The CD set contains a wealth of nautical research and ship model building information unobtainable anywhere else. Many of the issues contained in this set have been long out of print.

The electronic versions of the Journal and Letter have been organized by volume, just like the printed originals. To simplify looking up articles and references, each volume has been "book marked" so that you can easily navigate from article to article. In addition, each volume has been paginated so that the electronic page numbers in each PDF document match those of the printed original. 

The text is clear, and easily readable. Both line drawings and photograph are reproduced faithfully and, where appropriate, in their original color format. To view some sample PDF files, click one of the following links: 

The CD set also contains John Barry's comprehensive printed index to Volumes 1 through 40 which has been converted to a searchable electronic format permitting you to easily search for index entries and then navigate to the desired page. The searchable index is in HTML format which runs within your computer's web browser. This allows you to have the searchable index and the Journal open simultaneously on your computer. To test drive the index, click here. The index will open in it's own web browser window. Simply close the browser to return to this page.

The CD set has been designed to operate on most Windows and Macintosh computers. Acrobat Reader version 4 or later is needed to view the Journals and Letters. A web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4 or better is required to use the searchable index.

Learn more about how we created the Nautical Research Journal CD-ROM. 

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