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Project:     Progressive Scratch-Building for Ship Modeling
Client:        Seaways Publishing, Inc.
Released:   April 2002

This CD contains electronic versions of:

  • Modeling the Armed Virginia Sloop of 1768 book.

  • Modeling the Bermuda Boat Corsair of 1807 series of articles first published in Seaways' Ships in Scale magazine.

  • Fair American, an American Privateer of 1780 series of articles first published in Model Ship Builder magazine

A custom menu allows the reader to easily navigate among the book and articles on the CD. Supplemental materials, not included in the original publications are included on the CD. Chapters have all been "bookmarked" for ease of use. 

The magazines may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

The CD's are "platform independent". That is, they'll run on PC's, Mac's and other operating systems. If you already have a Acrobat Reader, no additional software or data files need be installed on your computer. At your option, you may install the CD contents to your hard drive for convenience. A royalty-free version of Acrobat Reader is provided on the CD should you need it.  

Learn more about how we created the Progressive Scratch-Modeling CD-ROM. 

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